Worried About HRT Side Effects? Try Natural Menopause Supplements

Overview on menopause symptoms:

Are you suffering from menopause symptoms and looking for treatment? First of all you should know the symptoms that signal the dawn of menopause. This stage usually occurs in mid-forties and you could experience hot flashes, vaginal dryness and loss of libido. Flashes are main culprit in most women; these causes severe discomfort due to high frequency and intensity.

Night sweating disrupts sleep in most women; this leads them to insomnia. Most of you might be experiencing memory loss and inability to concentrate. These affect your routine work and might lead you to depression. Considering the adverse effects after undergoing menopause; consult a doctor and get the different options to treat menopausal symptoms.

Now let us discuss options for treating the menopause signs and symptoms and the reason to try the supplements.

Treating menopause symptoms with HRT:

Hormone replacement therapy is a medical procedure wherein you need to consult a doctor. This treatment is suggested to you as per your body’s ability. You need to take a small dose of estrogen to make up for its deficiency that triggers the flashes in menopausal women. The estrogen is inserted into vagina and this help boost both your mood and energy levels. It also helps alleviate the problems of night sweats and insomnia.

Certain health risks are great concern for women and hence they look for alternatives for treating these problems.

HRT side effects:

There are women who might experience certain side-effects after few months of therapy. Some of them include the following:

  1. Fluid retention:

This contributes to weight gain in menopausal women and also cause bloating. Some women might experience swelling in ankles, discomfort in legs, headaches, facial swelling, tenderness of breast, etc.

  1. Bleeding:

Women who opt for HRT in early stages of ovarian decline induce monthly bleeding to nearly 85 %. Heavy bleeding and irregularity are noticed in first few months of treatment. You can change the HRT if you are in perimenopause stage. For women who already had a year without monthly period; HRT can trigger irregular bleeding.

  1. Weight gain:

Weight gain in menopause is common and HRT can contribute to significant further gain.

  1. Nausea:

Menopausal women can experience nausea due to HRT treatment. So this makes the treatment inefficient to reduce the symptoms of menopause.

  1. Premenstrual symptoms:

The PMS type symptoms occurring from HRT worsens due to increase in fluctuations in hormonal levels of women.

Alternative to HRT:

Taking these side-effects into consideration; you can opt for natural supplements for relieving the symptoms of menopause.

Some of the natural tips to combat the symptoms of menopause are given below:

Natural Treatment Vs HRT:

Natural treatments have reduced risk on health of women compared to HRT. These are cost effective method and also safe on health. You’ll not have serious side-effects on health even after using menopause supplements. This helps reduce the aggravated menopause symptoms; prevent it from interfering in your daily activities.  Talk to your doctor before opting for any of these treatments so that this does not interact with any other medications.

How Natural supplement helps to get relief from menopause?

Menopause is bane of every middle-aged women and this can be treated with natural supplement. The herbal ingredients in these supplements debilitate the symptoms of menopause. It eases the severity of flashes that causes feel of warmth through entire body.

Many natural supplements are available over the counter at affordable cost. They very effective to treat the symptoms and do not require any prescription. These products do not cause any side-effects and treats menopause by mimicking the estrogen in female. These supplements are better alternative to women who are sensitive to HRT or have health conditions. The natural ingredients in these supplements targets the symptoms associated with the transition.

These supplements target the symptoms of both perimenopause and menopause thereby eliminates the potential side-effects. These are effective to treat hot flashes, sex drives, mood swings and reduced energy levels.

Women find these supplements better over other therapies due to less risk of side-effects. Check for the ingredients like chaste berry, black cohosh, wild yam, red clover, saw palmetto. These are commonly found ingredients in the menopause relief supplement. It helps relieve the symptoms of menopause and is effective treatment.

Some of the menopause relief supplement includes Menersa, I cool, Macafem, menoquil, Amberen, etc. Read reviews on each of these products to know more.


After going through above discussion; it is concluded that natural menopause supplement is better alternative to HRT. It is safe and efficient to treat the symptoms of menopause. Read Menopause Supplement Reviews to narrow down your option while choosing the best product. Comparing different features of the menopause supplement determines which will work in sync with your body system. You can go through customer reviews to know their experience on using a particular product.