Worry Impairs Progress

We may feel insecure where our personal and professional projects are concerned and be compelled to devote ourselves to examining all that could potentially go wrong. Yet we may be unintentionally impairing our progress by indulging in this apprehension. We will likely find that we're able to get more done and concentrate more fully on the task before us when we set our worries aside. The extra energy, time, and resources we gain by not worrying can better be applied to the pursuits most important to us.

The less we worry about the pursuits important to us, the more time and energy we have to devote to those pursuits. While anxiety can seem productive, as it often goads us into making difficult choices or immersing ourselves in challenging tasks, it nonetheless forces us to expend valuable resources in the contemplation of events that may never happen. When we banish worry, we can ground ourselves in the present and give 100 percent of our attention to the tasks and decisions before us. The resulting confidence allows us to ponder the future with unflagging optimism, ultimately empowering us to devote ourselves to ever more ambitious and grand dreams.

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