Worst Babysitter Ever: Should You Google Before You Hire?

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Finding a good babysitter can be hard. Can I get an amen? We lost our favorite babysitter because she went and had a baby of her own. How dare she! (I kid; I was excited for her even though we lost an amazing babysitter.) Still, all of my babysitting woes don't compare to what Gina at Full Of It went through with her fridge-raiding, middle-of-the-day-showering, cash-only babysitter. A little Google research when things got really weird showed Gina that her babysitter had been charged with narcotics possession. Eep.

The story just kept getting more and more interesting.

Scenarios started running through my head of her getting pulled over, searched and arrested with my kids in the car. Horrifying.

So, I did what any good parent would do. I Nanny-cammed her. Well, not exactly. I knew she used my computer, so I left an audio recording software running one day and left my laptop open.

That night, armed with a bottle of wine, I listened to all 5 hours of it with my jaw dropped open. She was okay with the kids…just okay. No real engagement, but no abuse either.

After she had taken Mr. B to school and put Miss P down for a nap, the audio file got real interesting. She spent the next two hours on the phone to her friends while eating not one, but two separate lunches. In those phone calls, she explained to her friends how great the pot was out in Colorado, how she’s figured out how to smoke weed just enough so that she’s not baked all day, and then some stories about her court date that would have her leaving Colorado a good 2 months earlier than our agreed upon date.

On the Phone
Credit: my-other-eye.

Would you audio record your babysitter? Do you Google your babysitters first? All food for thought -- and not the munchies kind! Keep reading Gina's post to see how it all turned out.


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