The Worst Egg Decorating Kit on the Planet

About this time, it dawns on my family that Easter is around the corner. If it weren’t for tax season, we might notice it’s pending arrival sooner.

Usually my husband or I (typically not both) remember to actually buy an egg decorating kit before it’s too late.

This past weekend, my husband remembered Easter and purchased this egg decorating  kit.

paas volano eggsplosion

Let me give you a moment to let the artwork on the box soak in. As my Facebook friends were quick to note, there are several sexual innuendos displayed on this egg decorating kit.

Got your mind out of the gutter? Let’s move on to the contents of the box. Or maybe I should say lack of contents in the box. Because there were just six crayons and one inadequate crayon sharpener in the box. The “silly circles”, “egg stands” and “drying tray” are just part of the stupid box. The box you rip when you open, despite your most valiant efforts.

Now, if you are like me, you are used to actually dyeing eggs for Easter. You put those little colored tablets in cups of water and soak hard boiled eggs until they become the color you like. And then you decorate them with stickers or marker.

Not this PAAS decorating kit. Nope this one requires you to shave wax crayons while you are boiling the eggs.

Go ahead and ask your kids if they are interested in shaving six colored crayons. If they say yes, see if they have any interest in doing it after about 30 seconds of shaving the first one.

crayon shavings

G was a trooper and did a good amount of crayon shaving. Guess who did the rest?

My wrists and fingers hurt just looking at the above pictures.

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