Worst Halloween Costume/Let's Stay Boston Strong

Last night a girl tweeted a picture of herself dressed for Halloween as a Boston Bombing victim. First let me say, I'm from Boston, and to the people here that is as bad as dressing as a 9/11 victim. It's something beyond the realm of tasteless, and it was, to put it bluntly, stupid and cruel.

That said, a frenzy began on Facebook and Twitter, attacking her for her tasteless costume. People called her stupid, a slut, ugly, fat, and ultimately threatened not only her life but that of her parents. Several people on Facebook and Twitter then went so far as to post her license (which she foolishly had tweeted earlier on her Twitter), with her full name and address on it.

Her original response was a half-apology. It has since been removed, but it was basically that she didn't think it was that bad. Not that bad? There are people that are still dealing with, no suffering with, the effects of the bombing. Every day they are walking on prosthetic limbs, or worse, mourning the loss of their loved one. Her half-apology was not good enough.

But then the death threats started. She deleted her account, only to re-open it to ask people to stop calling her parents with death threats, because they did nothing wrong. She posted tweets such as "you people want me dead? Ok." She deleted the account again, then re-opened it to let people know that she had lost her job and that she was "paying for what I thought was a simple joke. I know it was wrong now. I wasn't thinking." It took her until about 1 am to say the simple words "I'm sorry."

She was wrong, insensitive, and in my town, would be called a douchebag. She should have been sent home from her job, and she should be ashamed of her stupidity.

But how do death threats make us any better? After the marathon bombing, we focused on the strength and the resilience of our city and our people. We focused on the victims and those who survived, and how courageous they are. This girl was an insensitive bitch for making fun of our tragedy; but calling for her death makes us no better than the two dirtbags who decided that they wanted our deaths. They wanted to hurt us, and they did. I won't name them, other than to call them the Boston Bombers, because they don't deserve their names to be famous. Instead I will remind you of Martin Richard; of Krystle Campbell; of Lingzi Lu; and of Officer Sean Collier. I will remind you of all of our wounded, who are Boston Strong and who defied the odds by living.

Attacking this insensitive young girl the way she was attacked, in my mind, takes away from that. I don't mean calling her out on her insensitivity--she was insensitive and she posted it on a social media site, so she deserves to be told how stupid she was. But death threats, posting her license, calling her parents' home? We transition from righteous to bullying. At one point, this girl talked as if she were going to end her life. Maybe it was drama, but maybe it was real. I think we have had far more than enough deaths. The girl has been fired from her job and hopefully has learned a life lesson that she will never forget. Perhaps in the future she will caution someone else from being so cruel. Leave it at that, and know that we are still Boston Strong.






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