Would Jesus Ride a Harley?

 When I think of the man Jesus might have been , I think of the man Jesus might be today. I allow my mind to wander through the hillsides of Jerusalem, feeling the earth and smelling the dirt in my minds eye. While in this state of 'feeling visually' I think about the humor Jesus may have had; the tastes he preferred; the sights that inspired him. I don't think of the man as an untouchable God, I prefer and resonate in the feeling that he was indeed human, but evolved beyond traditions ,projections and conditioning. A man whose wisdom predominated all pettiness and an open loving perspective that could see the fears of others enabling for deep, real forgiveness. Yes, I see a man, whom I would have liked to hang with.I feel a man who resonated in truth and honesty, and gasp yuck gut laughter. I see a man who laughed  with the irony of life, not simply just to laugh at something.

So, it goes without saying, that as my mind meandered through the hillsides, and passing a group of bikers, I wondered, would Jesus ride a Harley? I mean, it's the 21st century, gasoline is a commodity, there are a lot of distressed souls all over this vast world of ours, so wouldn't it make sense that Jesus might ride a Harley? He liked to hang out with the tough dudes, the wild women, the party goers, so it does really make sense that Jesus might find some balance in the uncommon, some humor in the ridiculous, and some insight in the down trodden.

So as I watch the the tribe of bikers grace past motorists on the highway, I wonder: would Jesus form a posse to enlighten? I don't know if Jesus would ride a Harley or a Schwinn but I do know that those who look scarey, can surprise us; and those who look conservative and respectable can surprise us. Exterior is a guise for many, and often the inside is a deeper ridge of the complexity of thoughts and feelings latent or lurking within. There are many different types of groups of riders who are in a group. The Hell's Angels were a biker group that grew its scarey reputation after its infamous security for the Rolling Stones that turned bad. Then more and more criminal activity would be reported about rival groups, and the scare developed into looking at all bikers as the devil. They are not all the same. 

I see the toy drive. I see the charity. I see the long hair, bearded, burley, biker club with their stereotypical visual, and I what I see is a family. I see a family who may be outlaws, and may be criminal, but may also be grandparents who now dedicate to causes and charities.I don't see scarey souls who are out to bash drivers in, I see a group, a tribe, a family of sorts that is devoted and committed to each other. I see retired couples and graying hair and beards, and older folks still wearing their biker gear...but I am not scared, I am touched by their charity. I don't know their past, nor do they know mine. But, I am touched. I am touched by the human condition, by the compassion in the unlikely. The care in the often outcast, the tenderness in the defenders of rival justice.I don't see scary, I see soul.

So, would Jesus ride a Harley?Would he and discipiles all garnish a pretty purple scarf, and a pretty gnarley emblem? Would they have toy drives and charity runs?Would they wear pink bras for cancer month and would they have your back if needed? We judge without noticing our judgement , and we like to think of ourselves as above those who judge , who are racist, who are homobobic, who are right wing, or ex cons, we judge what we fear, and we, as a society live too much in fear. Ask, inquire, observe...these bring about a n awareness that may dispell the fears by broadening the mind and opening the heart.The denominator of those we call family is, love.Unconditional love. If we can  look at others as having more at the core of the heart in resonance to us, we would fear less, and evolve more.

Would Jesus would ride a Harley? I think he sometimes does.





Lisa M. Zimmer-Mahoney

"Everyone has intuition~ it is simply a matter of trusting your inner voice.Trust self first." ~ as in O magazine



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