Would You Buy A Dodge From Joan Rivers?

Joan Rivers sells Dodge carsApparently, Joan Rivers is the new pitchwoman for Dodge.

The last time we saw Joan Rivers with a car, she was vamping in front of the Cadillac’s luxurious ELR electric coupe at the Global Green Pre-Oscar Party.

More recently, she has proclaimed herself the “Style Enforcer,” giving the new Dodge lineup a ticket for “driving while captivating,” as part of the red-carpet-styled “2014 Award Season Event” sales campaign for Dodge.

Joan Rivers with Cadillac ELR at Global Green USA Pre-Oscar gala[Watch a video of the Global Green event here at BlogHer]

As part of her sales spiel, Rivers recounts horsepower figures like they mean something to her, while describing the features of the cars in her typical comic fashion, even proclaiming that the seats are “softer than the leather on my face.”

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What do you think, ladies?

Does Joan Rivers make you interested in purchasing a Dodge vehicle?

Find out more about the Dodge “2014 Award Season Event” sales campaign at ispot.tv



Jody DeVere
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