Would you like to donate a dollar? How do you answer that question?

Every time I buy groceries I get asked “would you like to donate a
dollar to the ____ fund” This simple question causes me some anxiety. 
What do you say?

First of all, sometimes it’s to a charity I have never heard of… so
I really don’t know if I would like to give them my hard earned dollar
and I am sure the line of 4 people waiting to checkout would not like
to hear me quiz the 18 year old cashier on where my dollar is headed.

For the ones I am aware of, like the Susan G Koman or the local
school district, I feel pressure to say yes, because everyone in line
just heard them ask me for a dollar!  and it’s only a dollar!  Once
again, I don’t know exactly where or to whom my dollar is going to…  so
my answer once again is no.

As I head to my car I do feel guilty and a bit down that I didn’t spare my dollar.  What do you do?

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