Would You Give Your Child An Autism-Be-Gone Pill?

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As Autism Awareness Month nears its end, I thought it would be a good idea to feature a post that poses a question I've seen debated about various disabilities and issues: If you could give your a child a pill to rid them of autism... would you? Jill of Yeah. Good Times. shares her take on the question at hand.

Yes, I Would.

pillsSo, there's that age-old question that gets tossed around a lot: "If there was a pill that would take away your child's autism, would you give to to him?" The politically correct answer, and one that I hear most of the time, is no. Because my child is a unique snowflake and I would never want to change who he is; autism is a part of him and I wouldn't want him to be a different person.

See, I have a different take on that. My son is sweet and mellow and kind and scary smart and beautiful and happy... and he would still be all of things without the autism. In my opinion, not having autism would not change any of his wonderful qualities, it would not change who he is: he would still be the same person, just without the burdens that autism brings.

Read the rest to understand Jill's point of view about her son's autism.

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