Would You Let Your 1st Grader Ride the Bus with High Schoolers?

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I realize that parenting is a continuous process of letting go. I know I have to let go of his (cute! still kinda chubby!) little hand and let him have these experiences. I know, logically, that the bus ride is small beans compared to issues we'll face in the future. And yet, it's where we are now. I'm going through these thought processes, kind of out loud here, and someday I'll come up on the other side.

But as you might guess, I'll be picking him up at the end of his school day, snack in hand, to hear all about his day. I assume as I continue to let go of the reigns -- which I've done a pretty good job with over the past six years, coming at this parenting thing from a place of loss which lead to a slightly overprotective nature, ahem -- that he and his brother will eventually ride the bus home in the afternoon. I mean, they're going to learn those words at some point anyway, and if not from their peers -- older or same-aged -- then quite possibly from their father or grandfather(s). (What? Me? Never!) When we get there, I'll remind myself that when I was in 7th grade, I thought that oral sex meant french kissing -- because your tongues were in each others' mouths -- and pretend like all of the tweens and teens on their bus believe the same. Oh look, a unicorn!

So, let's have it: Would you let your elementary aged child ride the school bus with middle and high school students. If so, why? If not, why? Also, feel free to share your most horrifying bus moment. Unless it involves a crash, because dear Lord, I can't handle that.


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