Would You Really Trust A Man To Take Birth Control Pills?

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 On the news I heard a snippet of a story saying that scientists are one step closer to creating a birth control pill for men after finding a new human sex hormone that could be used to suppress male fertility. At first, I thought sure, that would be an excellent idea. Let men take responsibility from preventing their progeny from popping up all over the world. Why not have another alternative, besides a condom, for men to use, because we all know men use condoms ALL the time (rightttttttttttttttttttttttt).

Contraceptives Must Be Covered By Company''s Health Plan

Right there in that last sarcastic statement is where my feelings changed about the "male pill."

Do I really want to trust a man to be reliable enough to take a pill on a daily basis? I mean seriously, some men can't even commit to canceling a date, returning phone calls, etc., etc. So I'm supposed to think there are men out there responsible enough to take a pill?


I don't think I'd take those chances.

Also, just as any type of female birth control doesn't prevent STDs, neither will the "male pill."  So there is still the lesser of two "evils" involved. Would you rather risk pregnancy or risk an STD? So regardless of the "male pill," it still makes sense to use a condom to at least attempt to protect yourself from catching a bad case of the cooties, some of which are incurable and can ultimately kill your ass.

In defense of men, let me also say, women aren't the best pill poppers either. I know several men who've gotten "caught out there" nine months later with a baby on the way because women have either said they were on the Pill or they couldn't have children to begin with. So women, don't act like y'all are exempt from the Pill shenanigans either.


What are your thoughts or ideas on the  "male pill"?  Would you add it to your arsenal of prophylactics?




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