Would You Sell Your Wedding Dress?

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On my ten-year wedding anniversary this summer, I put on my wedding dress and took some pictures and posted them on my blog in a letter apologizing to my husband for not having actually bought him a gift. Aren't I nice?

wedding dress

Credit Image: Andrew Morrell Photography on Flickr

I don't think I'd ever sell my wedding dress, even if it was actually worth something. According to Josie Daga of www.preownedweddingdresses.com, lots of people do. And they claim they're being altruistic! They just want to share! According to their recent survey:

  • 42% said sharing the dress is the biggest motivator to selling -- even more than the money

  • 26% do say money is their biggest motivator to selling

  • 23% of respondents changed their mind and bought a different dress (sometimes more than once!)

  • 36% of yet-to-be brides said they would go over budget if they found a dress they couldn’t live without

  • 58% of brides planned to sell their gown before they even wore it

Am I alone in calling bull caca on these brides? Would you really sell your wedding dress for any reason other than money or wanting to forget the whole experience? What do you think?

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