From Wounds Come Wisdom


While I’m certainly feeling “funny” these days, it’s not the kind of “funny” that helps when you’re trying to maintain a humor blog. In any case, I’ll keep posting in hopes that you’ll forgive my inability to deliver the laughs for a while.


I’m going through some stuff right now. It’s all part of something that I am certain will make me stronger, healthier, and happier when I’m able to leave it behind. But with any stage that forces you to grow, there come growing pains. Well, I’m feeling them.


I walked into work yesterday, sleepless and puffy-eyed, wishing I could have stayed in bed all day (or year) and avoided interacting with people altogether. But as I dropped my bag on my desk and looked around, comfort overwhelmed me and I was instantly grateful to get out of my own miserable head for a few hours. And while my defenses were up just a few minutes earlier as I anticipated undiplomatic comments about my appearance, they dissolved right away. These people know me. They’ve seen me grow. They’ve watched me suffer heartache and disappointment before, just as they’ve watched me come through it on the other side.


And, surprisingly, no one made those insensitive comments I’d predicted. This was more than a few hours of sleeplessness. This was more than misplacing my mascara. They just knew. Instead, I received simple offers to lend an ear when I’m ready to talk.


My day was busy with texts, phone calls, emails from friends and family members supporting me in both humor and earnestness. I spent the night watching my favorite SNL clips with my parents (Hello, Kat and Garth featuring Chris Martin) and getting some much needed sleep in my childhood bed.


The greatest piece of evidence that I’ve grown over the years? Now, it is in times of desperation that I am aware of my blessings the most.  My eyes are opened to the abundance of love and compassion that surrounds me; My friends, my wonderful family, my coworkers, cuddles from my dog, and the belief that there are trustworthy people out there.


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