Wow! What a difference two years can make!!! So excited to share again.

Oh my goodness!!!

I've had this nagging feeling for a few weeks. I miss my blog. First, I would like to convey how much I enjoy writing entries and second, it is an added bonus that someone else out there may be interested in how I do things. I love to have and share my (not-so-much) wisdom.

I haven't written a post in over two years. I snuck a peak at my page this morning and thought my heart was going to burst. I miss this!  I have better recipes, beter craft ideas and way more insight. I have read blogs and have been following some great women and even a few gentlemen and I am always surprised what other people have to offer, I often want to add my two cents and find myself NOT contributing, mostly because I find it redundant to add to a post that has five hundred comments. Doesn't seem helpful at all, who has time to read 500 comments?

What amazes me the most, I've been contributing and benefiting from sites (iVillage was one of the first) since we first had dial up interenet and was home with toddlers. My life is much different now, the todler I am at home with is my neice, my baby is a freshmen in high school, my oldest is married and and I am now a grandmother!

What have I been up to for the past two years? Well, stay tuned because I will be posting all about it!

Feels good to be back.