ugotthis.net_blog19I am 54 and I am seeing wrinkles now under my arms and on my stomach. All this working and out and my skin is not keeping up like I want it too. I want a facelift too! Hey maybe I will get one. So what should I do? Screw it, your beauty comes from within and yes do I want a tight ass, you bet! As you get older you better get to know yourself like never before. I am clear about who I am and how amazing I am. If you look you will see how amazing you are as well. Stop focusing on the wrinkles and focus on who you are. Really the beauty within thing works. See when you feel good about yourself you do sparkle, shine, and it is addicting. People always say to me “Wow you are 54” and trust me it is not because I look any younger. I feel confident and great in my own skin and people want that for themselves. I do take care of my body and yes one day there just might be a facelift in my future. It will be in my future purely because I want to “refresh” a bit. It will not be driven by my distaste for me and trying to fix something, It took me a long time to really get to know myself; just in time for the aging process to begin. I am laughing at me right now… You don’t have to wait.

PS I posted a picture of myself with no makeup at 54 with my love Jon.

Bari Beckett





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