Write Your Own Bill of Rights

Before we can expect to GET WHAT WE WANT we first have to RECOGNIZE WHAT WE WANT. How about writing your own Bill of Rights?

Women tend to be far more in tune with the needs of others than their own needs. They can identify what their friends and family value, help them to cultivate their interests and establish quite quickly how to get them what they want. But when it comes to recognizing and communicating their own wants and needs things can get a little muddled. 

Though often put on the back burner, we (women) do have a right to our desires and the right to ask for them to be met. One of the first places to look at is our values as they have the ability to create awareness of what we want. Values are guides and what we consider to be important in our life. Values like:

Honesty, integrity and loyalty

Family, marriage or parenthood

Ideas, logic or wisdom

Play, self expression and spontaneity

Status, recognition or power

Once we have established what we truly value we can address our rights and they become the codes we live by. Both values and rights are not something that we give up easily nor change as soon as we walk out our front door. Personal rights are important to establish within our family, relationships, work and community. Take for instance this scenario:

You are sitting in the doctor's examination room for over 30 minutes with that little paper gown on. By the time he/she comes in the room you are cold and frustrated, maybe even angry. Are you able to speak up for yourself? Would you know what to say? or Would you say nothing and then drive all the way home in your car talking to yourself about what you should have said?

NotebookSpeaking up for our rights or articulating what we want can be difficult so this is why we must first be clear on what we expect. Here are some examples:

The right to make our own decisions

The right for our time to be respected

The right to change our mind

The right to be listened to

The right to say no and not feel guilty

The right to equality in our profession

The right to be treated with respect

Women are strong and any thoughts to the contrary are simply not true. However, a perception of lack of strength can come from our inability to communicate, without hesitation, what we want. This is why I encourage you to brainstorm what your Bill of Rights would look like. Try to come up with at least five rights that are important to you. Keep going if you can from 1 to whatever the end number will be.

When you are able to identify your personal rights you are standing firmly with your truth and have a far greater chance of getting what you want from life. The people you attract, the places you will go, the opportunities that come your way will be more likely to represent who you are. Your voice will be stronger thus allowing you to speak up when necessary and communicate assertively rather than aggressively. Of course, you do have the right to be aggressive and the right  to defend yourself and that is what makes this list your own. Enjoy the process and if you are open to sharing some of your Bill of Rights with the rest of us, I welcome it! 


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