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The Joy of Mothering

One billion. What could you do with one billion of something? Of anything?edryanne-story2.blogspot.com Partners of the Heart (POTH) wants to collect this many happy stories and share them with the world!

Look around you, in your home, at your neighbors and friends, and on your block. Is there a happy story?This is what you do to join them in their mission. Write a story, send it, give one dollar (more if you like) and savor the goodness of making this world a better place. They share a minimum of 25% with charities. This is a winning scenario that you can make happen.

Think about what you would do with that dollar. Perhaps you could buy a burger from a dollar menu at the fast food joint. Maybe it could buy a candy bar. You could trade it in for one hundred pennies and hope people pick them up after you drop them. Or you could support this compassionate drive to collect happiness and share joy

.Here's how it works. Go to the site www.1billionlovestories.com. Read about their mission and get to know them. Think about the happy stories you have in your heart. Write one. Keep it to at most of 450 words. Submit it, and Pay a dollar. They use Paypal to collect  these funds.
Feel a glow building inside you? That's happiness! After completing the simple process, you'll collect a heartbeat. Each time you repeat these steps, you'll get a new heartbeat. These grow and fill you with love. Your support of the non-profits they help also benefit. How much better can this be? Do it today! Submit your story to me. I'll find you a spot so the world can bask in the warmth of your happiness!

I would like to clarify that Partners of the Heart is a web based and interactive company where people pay a minimum of $1 to share a positive story that will be digitally archived forever. The reason people pay for these stories is because our clients who are non profits receive a minimum of 25% of the $1 story and those funds are filtered directly back into the charitable organization. Charities have had a hard time reaching their audience digitally and this gives them an outlet and an additional way to finance or capitalize their charity.




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