writer's block?

Wikipedia defines a writer's block as a phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to begin or continue writing usually due to lack of inspiration or creativity.

Am I having a writer's block? You see...my goal for the month of August is to be able to publish a post everyday... not just the usual photography-related stuff but something unique and creative. I've nothing against photography posts since that's my passion (and oooppps, almost forgot...that's what I do for a living!) but if I can come up with something different, that'll be way too fabulous.

Today, I can't think of anything to write... I started writing about my secret shifters, which was inspired by the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, only to realize that I've done this already (way before I read the book) using a different title...what makes me happy?. Secret shifters are things that will brighten your mood in a snap... happy memories, special people, fun moments, good music, great food, etc. etc etc... anything that'll make you happy.

So, scrap the Secret Shifter post from my list...

Then, I moved on to writing about Stephenie Meyer, the author of Eclipse and Twilight, which critics say will be the next Harry Potter. But I haven't read those books yet...

So, scrap the Stephenie Meyer post for now...

How can I overcome this writer's block? I've read that meditation and relaxation exercises will help...hmmmm, so I did yoga today. Still nothing!!! Watching movies or TV will help according to some writers... so I had an HBO marathon this morning. Still nothing!!! Doing something out of the ordinary will spark creativity, they said... so I cooked our lunch. Still nothing!!! I even talked to a monkey. Still nothing!!!

Write crap... this is the best advice I got which made sense (just for me, I guess! Hehehe!) So I did! I know this post sucks bigtime but see, I finished it.

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