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Double Lies is a 57,000 word young adult novel about fifteen year old identical twins, Noelle and Kendra Milano.  According to Noelle, being an identical twin is a curse.  Not only do people assume that just because you look alike, you are alike, but there are real dangers when no one can tell you apart.  Years after being wrongly accused and punished for stealing money at school (something she’s sure Kendra must have done and let her take the blame for), Noelle still harbors a hateful resentment towards Kendra and fights to establish her individuality and sever her relationship with her twin sister.    

But Kendra has her own agenda.  From her perspective, Noelle simply pushed her away one day when they were young and Kendra has been trying to win her sister’s love and friendship back ever since.  In hopes of making her desires a reality, Kendra has created her own world inside a scrapbook.  It’s a world where altered pictures tell the story of a very different life than the one of the two of them have lived.  It’s a life filled with laughter and sisterly love.  A life where they are best friends. 

When cute Wes Archer takes an interest in Noelle, but accidentally makes a play for Kendra, Noelle’s anger pushes Kendra into making the vision in her scrapbook a reality.  Kendra puts into action a plan of manipulation and deception to regain her sister’s love.  But Noelle has had a premonition about a bloody blue skirt and fears whatever Kendra is up to will end tragically.  As if Kendra has tipped the first domino, her manipulation sends the two girls spiraling into a struggle that goes out of control.

Double lies is written in alternating chapters between Noelle’s and Kendra’s points of view.  This allows the reader to become immersed in each girl’s journey of what happens when misunderstandings and resentments are left unresolved and allowed to shape the course of these two girls’ lives.


First 250 Words:


Have you ever felt like your life is horror movie?  And you’re the monster?

That’s how I felt today.  At Jessica’s house.

She invited her boyfriend Marco and his friend Wes to hang out with us. 

And the worst thing happened. 

We were watching TV in Jessica’s family room when an old scary movie came on.  It was about a family who had to take care of a haunted hotel in the mountains.  The little boy in the movie kept running into these creepy identical twin girls.  They looked exactly alike and talked exactly alike and dressed exactly alike.


Like me and Kendra.  

I mean she and I have identical faces, hair, height, weight.  Should I go on? 

It’s like we’re freaks.  

I got up and hid in Jessica’s kitchen every time those horror movie twins came on the TV.   

“Don’t you like the movie?”  Wes asked me after I came back from hiding out for the second time.    

“Oh sure,” I said.  “This is a good one,” I sat on the couch between him and Jessica. 

“I think you’re scared.”  He slipped his hand into mine and smiled.  He had golden eyelashes.  And pink cheeks from winter surfing. 

My own cheeks heated up.  My palm felt sweaty, but he didn’t seem to mind.

I looked back at the TV.  The twins again.

I shivered.

I’d die if Wes saw her.

I kept my friends far away from Kendra.  I didn’t need a single reminder around that I was an identical twin. 


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