On writing

I begin this month's NaBloPoMo with a pat on my back for getting that name right on the first try finally! Seriously, who comes up with acronyms that confuse my brain? I don't oppose acronyms in theory, just ones with repeated sounds that offer the chance of my not getting them straight. 

Anyway, I don't tend to think of my crazy, tangent stream of conscious babble that finds it way out of the labrynth in my skull and out through my finger tips as writing, per se. Don't get me wrong; I do enjoy writing and sometimes I like to pretend that I'll write some wonderful novel or screenplay one day. Unfortunately, I exist in reality where I'm very much aware that I have the attention span of a gnat on a good day and am more likely to successfully complete a month of NaMoBloPoPo than begin to write a novel of substance. But if I had to choose my favorite part of this writing that I don't necessarily do, it would be when the crazy tangent babble manages to flow into a semi-decent sentence which further flows into a semi-decent paragraph of a pretty good story. I also like the fact that I no longer need to construct my prose with "Introduction, Body, Conclusion", or start the introduction with "My favorite thing about writing is..." And I can start my sentences with "and", if it so pleases me.

In conclusion, my favorite part of writing is the creative process from budding fruit to fermented juice. But in the good "Mmm, tasty wine" kind of ferment. Maybe with some carbonation added so it's like a good spritzer, as I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to wine.


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