Writing About Women in STEM and The Finkbeiner Test

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I'll bet you've heard of the Bechdel Test for movies. Now there's a test for writing about women in STEM called The Finkbeiner Test. It's a fascinating look at all our biases and stereotypes and how we apply them to women working in traditionally male roles. Learn all about it in this post at Double X Science.

It’s time to stop this nonsense. We don’t write “Redheads in Science” articles, so why do we keep writing about scientists in the context of their gonads? Sexism exists, and we should call it out when we see it. But treating female scientists as special cases only perpetuates the idea that there’s something extraordinary about a woman doing science.

the finkbeiner test
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Read the full story The Finkbeiner Test at Double X Science.

Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech
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