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You know my stories. Technology yadda, yadda. Booorrrring. But I have another side that doesn't care about software or blog services or CSS properties. Yep. That side of me is all about words and writing. I create an almost daily writing prompt to stimulate creativity in writers on my First 50 Words blog. So it's high time I checked out some of the blogs by, for, and about writing and writers.

Angela Booth's Writing Blog says it is for, "freelance writers, writing fiction, nonfiction and copywriting. Have fun, and become a better writer." The blog contains tips and links to worthwhile articles for writers. There are lots of tips for making money writing and selling your writing online.

Addled Writer is Caren Lissner's blog. Addled Writer is more about Caren herself than it is about writing, but it's an interesting insight into the way a writer writes (and thinks) when she's not churning out a manuscript.

Writing on the Web is from Patsi Krakoff, co-founder of The Blog Squad. The focus is definitely on writing to make a profit online. 12 Steps to Write Your Online Sales Copy is a good example of the type of useful tips that can help you write effectively in marketing terms.

A Writer's Edge, by Georganna Hancock, is about writing skills and contains links to several ebooks by Georganna that provide basic knowledge for writers such as how to write a book proposal and how to format a manuscript. There are contests on the blog that may be of interest. Check out the blogroll, too, because many writing blogs are listed there.

Elvis, Elves, and Chocolate Chip Cannoli—which might be called Will Write for Chocolate—is Kelley's blog by either name. It's full of funny and fresh writing. As a bonus, you'll find another helpful set of links to Publishing Blogs here.

Amy Guth writes about writing and writing events in bigmouth indeed strikes again. This is another fresh and funny—and sometimes steamy—look at life and writing.

seanchai has a daily writing goal at A Field of Paper Flowers while she tells stories about her reading and writing. She writes about murder and inspiration and great writers.

Admit it. You read romances. Here's the writing blog for you: Romancing the Blog, which is full of blog posts by romance writers. And links to dozens of romance writers' web sites.

Have a favorite writer? Chances are, that writer is blogging. One of my favorites is Dana Stabenow. Her website is, no surprise, Dana Stabenow. In a recent post about how much sex the fictional Kate Shugak gets in a novel, Dana wrote, "Between such Scyllan and Charibdisian rocks do I sail my little literary dinghy." You have to love a writer of mysteries who knows and uses words like that isn't afraid to post them in her blog.

Do you have a great writing blog in your reader that you'd like to share with us? Does your favorite writer have a blog?


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