Writing is hard enough to do alone

Our internal censors make writing a tough job. Even worse, though, is writing with another author. Between the give-and-take struggle of who says what, there's the need to edit each other, keep the versions straight, and balance the skills needed as a good communicator and good computer user.

Here's a tool that might make it easier: It's called Write Board - www.writeboard.com, a type of collaborative writing software. And, it's free.

I often refer to "the last 100 hours" in www.releaseyourwriting.com, when you are going over your book again and again for about 2-3 weeks before releasing it to the publisher. That's when an online tool like this could come in handy. You can share excerpts with collaborators, editors or the people quoted in your book, and get instant feedback - right in the manuscript document.

If any of you BlogHers do enjoy the collaborative process, I'd like to hear from you. I think most of us are insular introverts, but maybe that's just me.


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