Writing inspiration

Writing inspiration is one of the more common topics for those of us interested in creative writing.

Each of us are different on where we find inspiration for what might or will be the next subject with which we frame and tell a story.

My inspiration comes from about anywhere, though I most often find it through music, be that from lyrics, one line of the lyrics, from the music, an instrument, virtually anything that might be heard and discerned in a song. Other sources of personal inspiration are current events, nature, from my personal history, work, or even in a point shared by another; the triggering element might be one sentence, it might be but one word.

I am currently writing a story element that includes interaction between parents and daughter discussing masturbation, and the inspiration for that post came from a non-fiction post on BlogHer. As I read the non-fiction post, the overall subject of parents and children discussing sex, and more specifically masturbation, struck me as one well worth fashioning a fictional story element around. Here I am today, writing accordingly (I'm taking a break now.)

Looking around the blogosphere, Leo on writetodone shares
31 ways to find inspiration for your writing, while Laurie on adventurouswriting.com
writes on how to overcome writers block. I won't link to more sites; there are many out there offering advice, and this is just a sampling.

Where do you find subject matter inspiration?


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