The Writing Lab

Crafting an Interesting Interview, with Mona Gable.
Interviews provide hugely valuable content. But you want to do great ones, right? Find out how.


How to use Blogging Prompts, with Melissa Ford.
Blogging prompts are a fantastic way to generate content. Here are some tips about where to find them and how to put them to best use.


Effective Business Writing, with Paula Gregorowicz.
Writing about (or for!) business is its own special thing. Protips from BlogHer's Career Section Editor.


Grammar Clinic: How to Identify and Avoid Common Errors, with Jennifer Barbour.
Their are so many ways to make errors! Its so easy! And your going to love these tips about how not to! ;)


Copyediting Clinic: How to Tighten Your Prose, with Nancy Baggett.
Flabby prose obscures your meaning and dulls your impact. Tightened prose: BAM! Bring questions and, if you like, your own prose for tightening.


Style Clinic: The Voice of the Memoirist, with Mr Lady.
For many, our blogs are continuously published, open-ended memoirs. At the core is our voice, and this session helps you identify and focus it.