The Writing Lab

Effective Opinion & Commentary, with BlogHer’s News & Politics Section Editor Grace Hwang Lynch.
Writing (and successfully placing) effective opinion and commentary pieces takes more than just being opinionated. Come get tips on sharpening yours, so you can make your voice heard farther and wider.

Credible, Well-Cited News and Political Writing, with Julie Ross Godar.
Want to write like a pro journalist? Come find out what goes into a properly-cited, polished news piece from's Executive Editor.

How to Give Your Day-in-the-Life Stories Universal Appeal, with Heather Clisby.
One of the most natural features of a personal narrative blog is the anecdotal account, conveyed in rich (sometimes humorous) detail and duly reflected upon. You want your day-in-the-life story to be true to you, and speak to the reader, whoever she may be. Come find out how.

Grammar Clinic: How to Identify and Avoid Common Errors, with Jane Goodwin.
Their are so many ways to make errors! Its so easy! And your going to love these tips about how not to!  ;)

Copyediting Clinic: How to Tighten Your Prose, with Ann Imig
Flabby prose obscures your meaning and dulls your impact. Tightened prose: BAM! Bring questions and, if you like, your own prose for tightening.

Style Clinic: The Voice of the Reporter, with Jane Schonberger.
How do reporters do it, anyway? What is that stuff about inverted triangles and the who-what-where-huh? in the first paragraph? Bring your Lois Lane notepad and get ready to polish your reporter's voice.