The Writing Lab

How to Pitch Original & Syndicated Content to, with Rita Arens. publishes a ton of both original and syndicated content. Find out what works best, and why.

Effective Sex & Erotica, with AV Flox.
Writing and pitching erotica -- whether fiction or nonfiction -- takes, well, finesse. Learn how to make your work fifty shades more effective.

How to Fact-Check Your Posts, with Emma Waverman.
Unless you back up your words with facts, they remain unsubstantiated, and therefore measurably less powerful. Learn some key tips about when, where, and how to fact-check your posts.

Grammar Clinic: How to Identify and Avoid Common Errors, with Jane Collins.
Their are so many ways to make errors! Its so easy! And your going to love these tips about how not to!  ;)

Copyediting Clinic: Tighten Your Prose, with Pat Dunnigan.
Flabby prose obscures your meaning and dulls your impact. Tightened prose: BAM! Bring questions and, if you like, your own prose for tightening.

Style Clinic: The Voice of the Essayist, with Polly Pagenhart
Many of us consider our blog posts essays, whether long or short. But what distinguishes an essay? And how do you improve your effectiveness as an essayist? Let's answer these questions together.