Writing My Heart Hurdles

I have been all over the internet and struggled with various formats to find my niche and comfort levels with what I want to write and who I want to reach to. I like BlogHer for certain reasons and a certain format. So here I am. I've found a voice here and hope to both share, vent and seek answers about the struggles of writing.

I have always been a writer. For as long as I can remember being able to write I've been a writer. Something deep inside of me compels me to write. It's like an itch you have to scratch. I need to be writing. I don't even always know what I need to be writing but I need to write something. It can at times be quite a frustrating itch. Like the kind that moves when you try to scratch it.

Now that I have been forced to retire from my IT profession due to health reasons I have been pursuing the writing 'itch'. In a sense I have had to. While I may be ill, my mind is not idle and I have to appease it with something. So I try to appease it with writing. Both the strong desire I have to write and the need for me to have something to do when I am up for doing something; something I can do in bed when I am ill. So I am working at being a serious writer.

I have been working on a book. While I have several books I would say that are in the works I have chosen to focus on getting one finished at a time. I also have different blogs of different topics and a couple sites that I write articles for of varied topics. I am officially a paid author.

I do struggle. Some days I can't focus. I can't figure out what to write. Some days I'm just negative. I don't like anything I come up with so I am my own worst enemy. I guess that's the way it goes. I wonder though. How do certain columnists write an article every day? Do they write several articles on some days and none on others? Do they get so they can write through the negative days? Do they recycle old material?

I also wonder about emotion. I find that I struggle with putting too much of myself out there. If its too close I have trouble sharing it. I know that is important to do in order to make the story better connected with the reader. How do you put yourself out there and detach your emotions from it? How do you let go?

These are the things I have been struggling with lately.


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