Writing My Hubby A Story

First off let me tell you something complete unrelated to this blog post and is most likely too much information. My boobs feel huge. They don’t look huge, but they FEEL huge, and heavy.. So my son might wake up soon is what I am thinkin’

Anyway..About that novel


I am using a tool called yWriter5. It helps me keep track of scenes, characters, objects of importance etc. Other wise my story would be all over the place.

Now that I have characters, and some key scenes placed on the timeline…I have yet to write a single sentence of actual story. Now I have some time to write the novel. June 27th 2013. I am also a new mommy, pet parent, and am invested in this blog.

I thought organization would help me, but it seems to have just gotten in the way of the creative process. Some parts of the story are by request, so these particular items can not be changed. I’m not even sure if I remember which parts those were and how stickler I actually have to be with them. I know however, if I didn’t organize I would most likely quit before having much done. I  can not quit. I need me 50,000 words!

Would anyone like to pitch in a character? I have three (2 female and 1 male) funeral quests that need to be quirky, but awesome good natured people, and have something to do with burlesque dancing.

Has anyone tried to write a novel? What helped you write?

Even a couple “You can do it’s” would be nice about now :)



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