Writing - Pitch & Publish | Roundtable: Anatomy of a Story / Presentation: Turning Blog Posts into Published Essays

2:30-3:15 | Anatomy of a Story
Storytelling is the foundation upon which blogging is built upon. This session will explore the craft behind building a story. Whether your story is designed to inspire laughter, tears, or social action, there are universal elements of storytelling that you can apply to your own story... without depriving you of your own voice and unique twist.

Panelists: Jenni Chiu, Nicole Blades, and Vikki Reich
Moderator: Tanis Miller

3:30-4:00 | Turning Blog Posts into Published Essays
learn how personal essays are typically structured, including how to craft a great opening paragraph and keep the story engaging ‘til the bitter end.

Instructor: Rita Arens