Writing Prompts

Writing pure fiction is impossible.  I have to write what I know, what I feel, and it has to be based my experiences.  The Seed story was inspired by my son's language arts required reading.  Though the story never happened, I unintentioanlly felt a compelling need to use the first person voice and develop my character based on my culture and life values.  When I blog, I have tried to hide certain characteristics of my personality in order to help or protect others.  This being an anonymous blog, I feel a little freer in my word or topic choices.  It is easy and therapeutic for me to push my cluttered thoughts on to the computer and expose it to the worldwide web.  The repercussions can hurt and alter my reality in my so called real life.  Am I ever forced to stop writing or stop sharing or stop thinking?  No!  I must move forward.  I am going to participate in the NaBloProMo and write something every day this month.  I will need to find writing prompts to connect to this BlogHer community.  I also have other blogsite connections that I may borrow from.  It is easy for me to write but is it enjoyable for others to read me?  That will be my deciding factor at the end of November.


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