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- not really divorce considering we were never married bc he's a lying piece of crap! that's another post that will be on video later i'll do a baby daddy piece he had me so mad i was shaking today VIOLENTLY!!!

Talked to my baby daddy today and he was so upset that i don't love him anymore that i have no love for the person that threw a pepsi on me while i was in the hospital after having a c-section with his second son the guy who broke up with me so he could fuck a 17 year old little girl who was married while i was pregnant with his second son - I'm sick of even dealing with him and he stinks i hate having him in my car bc he has this homeless odor to him that idk he used to smell good when we were together he has let himself go - he used to be so cute does 4 years really kill your looks bc i think i look better than i ever looked and he just looks like shit i don't know how he macs on women oh yeah because they are ugly as shit men are so lucky when they get me especially half the men that get me but wait their father is not a man and half the guys i been with are not men they are only little boys yes i'm back to writing because i just don't have time to pick up the laptop - the kids won't allow it  lol but i will put a video up later  SMOOCHIES!!!!!

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