The wrong one.


Hi!  What are you doing?

Just thought I would call you.

Good timing.  I am on lunch.

Are we still getting together tomorrow?

Yes.  Where are you?

Dover.  Actually, I am in the drive thru.

You called me from the Tim Horton’s drive thru?

Yeah.  Sure.

Only you.

Ha!  Hold on, I am at the speaker.  Let me order.




Man.  Maybe no one is here today.  (Said with sarcasm)

You sure you are at the right drive thru?




I looked to my right. 

I looked back.

I was the only car in line.

To my right...a full line-up of cars.

The new store had opened next door.

I was at the closed store. 

I started to laugh. 

Unknown to me, she had put me on speaker phone.

She had guessed what I had done.

You didn’t! 

I tried to tell her, but, I was laughing too hard.

Wrong store!

I was crying.

No one’s here!  No joke!

I couldn’t quit laughing.

They can see me over here!

They are laughing! 

You are such an idiot! 

She was laughing as hard as I was. 

You are on speaker!

Everyone is laughing at you!

Here too!   

Good-bye SiSi. 

That was our name for each other. 


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