X-rays, and Doctors, and Splints....Oh My!

How do they do it? I simply do not understand how other bloggers manage to write concise little posts that are wrapped up all pretty in a 4 paragraph package.  Sure, I could write 4 paragraphs, but let's face it they would be REALLY LONG paragraphs.  But, since I'm all about self growth these days we are going to strive for a nice, short, sweet post today.


First of all, I know I didn't post yesterday, which is eating at me a little bit, because if I can't even see through a commitment to myself, it doesn't bode well for the rest of my life.  Good news is I have decided to let myself off the hook with a stern talking to and pretend it never happened.  Let's not speak of my lapse again. Ya know, until the next time.  The bad news is, I really do have a good reasons  The first being that my son was injured in football practice Tuesday night which resulted in a visit to the ER for X-rays.  Turns out nothing is broken, but still requires additional visits to the the Orthopedic Surgeon for a closer look and to verify that his little growth plates haven't been affected.  And between running back and forth to doctors, picking up x-rays, and sitting on the phone with every Orthopedic Surgeon within a 30 mile radius. I haven't had much time to log in to the computer


Here's what I find funny though, and you absolutely can't tell my son I said this.  On Wednesday we were dealing with swelling, numbness, and he even convinced his teacher, and me, that he couldn't write and therefore needed someone to either do it for him, or be excused.  The little...darling even talked me into cutting his meat for him at dinner since the pain, which he declared was a 7 on the 1 through 10 pain chart, and the splint pretty much disabled his capabilities.  And even though my husband rolled his eyes and cracked jokes through the entire meat cutting ceremony, I obliged as any loving mother would do.  Then Thursday came.  The significance of this is the fact that Wednesday night there is no football practice and Thursday night there is.  My son asked my husband what he should wear to practice since he was injured and had to be careful of his arm.  See, when other team mates have gotten injured they are exempt from the physical activities at practice and help out the trainer by providing water to the players as needed.  My husband, the conditioning and defensive coach for the football team, very lovingly informed him that he should dress the same as he would any other practice, because he might have to sit out of any drills that require contact, but he could run his little.....heart off. 


Two hours later my son walked in the door, a tad sweatier than normal and unceremoniously took of his splint and declared that he could move his hand a lot better now.  I'm thinking once he realized his injury wasn't going to excuse him from all the physical aspects of football as he would be required to do more than give water to his fellow teammates, it just didn't seem worth the effort to exaggerate.  You will all be happy to know that within the last 12 hours he has begun to make a miraculous recovery.  He did however wear his splint to school, I'm thinking he figures he can get one more day off from writing in class.  I have decided to give him that.  It is Friday after all.....


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