X365: blogging your love and your break ups in 100 words or less.

In honor of Valentine's Day, and in preparation for finally getting back to my book, "Red Line to Dumpsville: my year of dating in Washington, DC" I'm thinking about all the men I've loved (and my girlfriends have loved. and hated) before and I want to know... what are yourr best/worst love/hate stories?

In a twist, I'm combining with favorite writing exercise, x365, in which you write each day on a person you've encountered in the number of words of your age (36 in my case). It's easier to show than tell, so here we go.


16/365: Valentines: Yeah, well, I don’t really like Valentines Day,
you said. Too commercial, too expensive, too silly. Oh yah, of course,
me too. We don’t need pink heart-shaped cupcakes or anything. Ha! But
honestly? I did.

11/365: Seasons: On our first date, you LOVED me. You blew off a second. On the third, there was pizza, grammar, a kiss, and me sobbing. “So, I’ve seen all four seasons of you now,” you said.


This is from my X365 series http://washwords.com/words/2009/x365-returns-and-i-do-mean-x/ : Ex Edition

Please check it out and send me your best/worst tales from the dating crypt as a comment on this page. It doesn't have to be the exact right number of words,  but keep to a paragraph or so please.

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