XBox Live Party?

Who would have ever thought that one day there would even be a such thing as xbox and xbox live? You can invite other players to your party and play against each other. You can even talk to  each other with  the use of a special headset. It's amazing! I think my grandma would turn over in her grave if she could see  all the things we have these days! When I was a little girl  we had card games and board games.. or sometimes your mom would send you outside to play flag football or softball with your brother.

      I still remember the kind of phone that you had to dial because it had a round ring with numbers that you had to select then make turn clockwise.I wonder who knows what a party line was? At my grandma's I always had to wait for the neighbors to get done talking before I could call my freinds.It seemed like every time I picked up the phone to see if they were done talking.....they weren't.

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