XpatAdventures... because not all who wander are lost

This is a personal blog about life as an American expat in Lugano, Switzerland with an unusually large dog, Mufasa. It started as a way to stay in touch with friends and family when Mufasa and I took to the open road.  We’ve been across North America and Europe together, Mufasa and I.  We packed the car and took off when life as we knew it came to an end in 2004. Before that, I was a stepmom living in suburban Colorado.  A lot has happened since then.  It was all very Under the Tuscan Sun.

People keep asking questions like, “How did you figure out how to move to Lugano, Switzerland?” and “Where do you find good deals on travel?”  “What are your favorite places to visit?” “What was India like?”When thirteen women-friends from around the world gathered in Tuscany last May they asked, ”How did you find this villa?!”  All the secret stuff is here.

Anyone can have this kind of life.  It was simple, really.  Don’t let thoughts like, “I can’t because I have kids…” or “I don’t have enough money…” or “I don’t have a Ph.D. like you…” stop you.  Whether you’re reading late at night after the kids are tucked in or you’re sitting at your desk planning your getaway, please be in touch. I'd love to share the ride with you.