Yarn 101: Everything That You Need to Swear Off the LYS Forever (Warning: Can be Addictive)


It's entirely possible that I have discovered the prefect crunchy craft. Really, I should say rediscovered, but more on that later. Actually, it's not necessarily completely crunchy if you dissect it enough, but it's still pretty darn great. Oh enough qualifiers, let's get on with it...

So, I've spent way too much time over the past several days, neglecting Emma's fast-approaching birthday party preparations, and developing carpel tunnel syndrome all so that I could bring you the beautiful picture above. I must say that I am especially proud of the image, which is approximately 12 ounces of luscious hand dyed lambswool. Wool that I lovingly rescued from the sweater rack at Goodwill. Remember that old School House Rock song about how a bill becomes a law? Well, let me take you on a little journey to show you how a $3.99 sweater becomes my new crafting obsession...

First off, I should say that I am no stranger to Goodwill. It is a great resource for crafting material, dress-up clothes for the girls, little pots and pans for their play kitchen, etc. I remember Crunchy Daddy asking me years ago if I was allowed to shop there, as if there was an income cut off past which one was not permitted to enter the store. I assured him that in fact anyone was allowed to shop at Goodwill to support their work, which is what allowed them to help people. They do not turn customers away. Anyway, I peek in at Goodwill and other thrift stores from time to time to see if there are any wool sweaters to felt for craft projects. I am not entirely sure how I ended up with a cabled off-white wool number from the Republic of Banana because cables don't felt well, but it must have been fate. After sitting around in my house for a month or two, the planets aligned, there was that lunar eclipse, and many pages that I bookmarked ages ago converged. It was time for me to take that sweater and turn it into something beautiful and new.

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