Yay or Nay: Breast Milk Flavoured Lollipops

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Uh, breast milk lollipop anyone? The company Lollyphile has captured the essence of breast milk (in other words, these lollipops are not made with breast milk) in a piece of candy, and the candy is selling like... hotcakes.

Which makes me wonder: are there really that many people eager to learn what breast milk tastes like? And if so, is it really that difficult to get your hands on an actual sample from a lactating woman? 

The breast milk lollipops are for adults; either for those who miss the sweet taste of the milk they were raised on or for those who are curious what the liquid tastes like.  It seems as if no one stands on the middle road when it comes to breast milk-flavoured products; they're either excited to try it or completely revolted.

And scientists have found a reason for that.

According to Live Science, there is "an innate disgust for bodily secretions hardwired into our brains."  So that takes care of the naysayers.  What about those who are snatching up thousands of breast milk lollipops?  It's an interesting theory, and it all comes down to attention: it's the fact that "we'd elicit an emotional response from an onlooker that gets us to take that first taste."

In other words, those who are trying the breast milk lollipops likely aren't planning to try them covertly.  They're going to blog about it, tweet about it, Facebook it, tell their friends, and -- if possible -- unwrap it and pop it in their mouth in front of them.

So, breast milk for babies is a given; but would you be up for shelling out $10 to try a breast milk lollipop?


Image: fruit-flavoured lollipops by Greenbes via Flickr

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