Yay Spring! Meal Plan Monday, April 29th

You guys. You guys! I left the house yesterday wearing a dress and flats -- no tights, no hosiery of any kind -- and a jacket and i had to take off the jacket because it was too hot. And then we did yard work in the sunshine. It was like spring finally decided to show up more than a little fashionably late. Welcome spring! Less welcome are the blisters on my feet that come when I switch from wearing socks and boots to flats minus socks. Let's just say there won't be any running for a few more days.

Now we're stuck in that place where we want to grill all the things but the things in our freezer aren't especially grill-friendly. We're working on that as we try to get the freezer levels down a bit. As always it's close to overflowing.

Monday: Asian chicken sandwiches and a spinach salad. Apparently I liked the sound of these chicken sandwiches so much I pinned it twice -- both this version and the original from Use Real Butter.

Tuesday: Pasta salad and grilled sausages. I am not a big fan of sausages so it will probably be mostly pasta salad for me.

Wednesday: Turkey drumsticks and wings on the BBQ and hopefully leftover pasta salad.

Thursday: It's just me at home. Would it be too much to have pasta again? Probably. Maybe I'll make homemade tomato soup.

Friday: Donair night! Yay! (Oh nuts. We forgot to buy pita bread. We'll have to do that before Friday.)

Saturday: I'm doing a spin on this chili verde recipe and using it to make a slow cooker pulled pork something.

Sunday: Burrito bowls with quinoa and leftover pork.

What are you cooking this week?

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