Yeah her Relationship is ending!

Ever since I met my friend she is nonstop ragged about her boyfriend.  But I mean he totally treated her like shit.  So I was always like "get the fuck out of your relationship !"  And so every once in a while she did but it only lasted for Day.  A day they would break up just a day.  Now this girl she's really really smart and intelligent, never in my life would I expect her to be treated so horribly.  And I may be overreacting, I mean she wasn't beat by this person or anything it's just, a mental crazy mess, I mean this guy was a complete Narcissus, which unfortunately was a mental disorder on his side which he wouldn't go get therapy for, because of his ego.  

Well finally my dear friend has walked out on her man. And I couldn't be more proud of her.  It's up to me now to take care of her for a little while.  Which is really hard because she doesn't need to be taken care of for the most part, but she does you know. We are cleaning up the other side of the garage where I live and we are going to put a bed there for her to sleep on.  Because she was living with her boyfriend for over a year and she needs somewhere to go while she's working things out.  

We have a very interesting relationship.  We kind of fight a lot.  But then later we totally laugh at how stupid we are.  Don't laugh at me when I say this but we kind of psychic powers.  Yeah we trip each other out a lot.  She's in school for this weird spiritual psychology shit, and actually she just has like one semester before she gets her degree, and I know she's going to be a great fucking Buddhist spiritual entitie soul searching crazy  Zen organic medical cannabis smoking healer.  She's healed me out of a few things a couple of times and I am a total pessimist.  I like how she likes to go to the monastery.

My friends relationship is finally over.  And her pain is going to go away because beeing single is so much better and so much more fun.  She has already proved that.  She took off last weekend and disappeared and well she said it was pretty crazy.  She's moving on insid her Head.  She'll be out of school soon.  And shit, be living with me, ha ha in my room. What did I get myself into?  But I'm in a place where I believe I need to give back.

If anybody needs to talk to anybody I could be there to say something to you just anything with silliness or some banter.  I am a depressive person and I know how it feels to be in a mess.  

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