Year of the Dog......

I am born the year of the dog, and reading the background of it, IT'S TOTALLY ME! Sometimes it sucks, sometimes. I mean the DOG personality is caring, unselfish, altruistic, One of Life's Givers! When i read it it hits everything (almost everything) that i am. We make great partners. Loyal, dedicated, sticks thru the good and bad. Even if we are unhappy in love the dog is likely to stay put rather than cast off. The dog is always anxious to please. Good traits but sometimes it's like WHY?!


Going thru life the dog is always the giver which means they put themselves last always ready to do for others even when others are not thinking about them. The dog is sometimes misunderstood for always jumping up to help. Or even hated for doing when not asked to do. 

Can you imagine being not liked or hated just for trying to help. YUP! IT'S HAPPENED BEFORE. MANY A TIMES. 


But now it's actually nice to know. What i am, how i'm like, why i tend to do things without being told, and then to know why people who don't like that act the way they do.


If you would like to know about yourself, hit me up and let me know :) Live Aloha!


Another Day, Another Dollar

Another Panty left to Wash :)


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