The Year He Broke the Code of Childhood Games

He figured it out! He asked me… I couldn’t lie… I couldn’t turn the question around on him, “What do you think?” He told me to tell him truth.  I had to give-up… give-in… come clean.

My son asked me if I was the one who moved Little Elf (Elf on the Shelf). He demanded to know. I demanded to know why he was asking. Did someone say something to him?

I looked into his sky blue eyes and told him the truth, “Yes, I move Little Elf.” There were mixed emotions flowing from his stare… a bit of betrayal, a bit of mystery and a bit of excitement as if he just figured out the code of his childhood.

He had a ton more questions. He couldn’t figure out how I got Little Elf to the North Pole every night. He wanted to know why I moved Little Elf… why did I buy things for Little Elf to leave for him? My response was that it was a game. I did it because he enjoyed it so much, it was exciting, it was fun!

I asked him if he still wanted me to play the game of Little Elf. He said, “No, I’m ten now.” As if him turning ten wasn’t hard enough on me. Now he doesn’t want to play the games that have been a tradition of his childhood years. My one and only is growing up. The seriousness of adolescence is sneaking up on us.

Ten with forever be known as the year he broke the code of childhood games. 


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