Is this the Year - Part Two - Tornados

On Sunday August 3, I wrote a blog on here titled "Is this the year?"

Some people felt like I am jinxing it. Trust me, I have always been the one who is the first to say "don't say it!" or don't even mention the billy goat or Bartman.

but I can't describe it. Something in my blood just feels it - and it's not because this was the first year I finally went to Wrigley Field and fulfilled my life long dream of finally seeing the place in person that I've watched on t.v. my entire life.


On Monday August 4, a game I can't decide if I would want to be at or not happened. I woke up on Tuesday morning to see it on the Today show and went immediately to YouTube when I got to a computer to check if there were any videos. and sure enough, there is this video that gave me instant goosebumps as I watch this guy walk through all the same pathways I did for two days just a few weeks ago (minus the heavy rain and the 95 mph winds and looming tornados).

I don't know who took this video but GREAT job in capturing the atmosphere of the moment, and true essence of Cubs fans. I saw it featured on Chicago Fox News and the girl being interviewed said it best with "you really got into the Cubs atmosphere. If you want some die-hard fans, there's some die-hard fans"

It's amazing that that many Cubs fans stayed through the weather to get to the point of the sirens, and then to be cheering and singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". Awesome. I would have loved to have experienced that.

and as I might be jinxing it.. but I really don't think I am. in any case, how many times can you say a storm like that hit Wrigley?

it might not have been a meteor like I mentioned in my last post, but close enough for me. I'll take it!

Way to go Cubs fans for sticking out the game and being the loyal die-hards that we are! :)




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