Yee-hah! An Elite Men's College (and Cattle Ranch) Opens the Gates to Women

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[Editor's Note: Deep Springs College is pretty hard to get into. And not simply because the remote California school only accepts 13 students a year. Last week the men’s college and cattle ranch broke new ground when it voted to admit women. Although the decision did take a spell--about 100 years--it's one more sign that gender barriers are tumbling down. In a letter posted at eph-log, Deep Springs Chairman Dave Hitz offers a rare look at the decision--and at academia behind-the-scenes.--Mona]

He writes:

Presidents have a deep understanding of their institutions, so we interviewed every living past president who ran Deep Springs for a year or more. They all said to go coed, as did the current president. They felt that the risks could be managed. When asked about their rationale, all pointed to changes in the role of women in society and the need to educate leaders in a coed environment.

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Credit Image: Liam O'Connor on Flickr

Deep Springs students playing football

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