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I was recently introduced to this new company, Yellowberry. I know it's just bras, but for mothers of little girls, it's more than that. To mother's raising little girls, it's hope for the future and relief for the present. The twins are entering this stage of life now, so we've started paying attention to the undergarments that are available at stores like Target and Macy's. The options are limited, in case you're unaware. They're limited and often inappropriate. 



Those are the "kid" or "junior" bras at a typical department store. Aside from the glaringly obvious question: why do children need sexy undergarments? The next conundrum is, how are they supposed to wear these under a simple t-shirt? I own one lace bra, and one funky animal print bra. Ya know when I wear those? When I get drunk and put on a show for my husband. Otherwise, they're impractical and itchy. Megan Grassell, founder of Yellowberry, said "“Yellowberry gives girls the idea that they don’t have to grow up so quickly.” Preach, sister. Megan is eighteen, by the way. These are the bras she designed:



Of my peers with children the same age as the twins, I'm seeing Instagram accounts with duckfaced selfies, arched back bikini photos, and provocative clothing. I'm seeing puberty being confused with maturity. Young ladies are getting their period earlier than they used to. From what I've read it can be attributed somewhat to overall poor diet, hormones in food, and body fat percentages. Whatever the reason, their physical change has nothing to do with their mental or emotional maturity. They're not ready to be sexy. They shouldn't be encouraged to be sexy, even by something as simple as the kind of lingerie that is available to them.

Kudos to Megan Grasell for not only providing a great option for growing young ladies, but for setting the example of what a young girl should be - smart, strong, and aware of the fact that while the world may see female clothing as a tool to entice men, it doesn't have to be that way.



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