Yet Again My Ex Makes Me Want to Spork My Eyes Out

Once AGAIN my ex has demonstrated what a selfish asshole he can be through my kids. They had had a loooong day at a fun event called "Touch a Truck." This event included being able to investigate and be inside various vehicles that kids LOVE, such as firetrucks, police trucks, and various construction equipment. Long story short, they were tired at the end of the day and I ALWAYS put them to bed at 8:30. They got settled and we were starting prayers and then...

*ring ring* *ring ring* The ex calls to Facetime them. REALLY??? SERIOUSLY??? He KNOWS I put them down EVERY night at 8:30. So I answered and asked if he could please just talk to them tomorrow because I already got them settled, including the youngest who's just now starting to sleep in a "big girl" bed. I do not think it's a good idea to go in there and bug her b/c I don't want her getting up and starting to think that's ok. BUT of course he REFUSED and wanted to talk to them ANYWAY. *smh* So I had to go in to them, RIGHT before prayers, and let him talk to them about their day. How about working the kids up right before bed, douchebag?? And WHY do you CONSTANTLY choose their BED TIME to do it? Someone I'd been seeing for awhile said that he thinks my ex does this specifically to bug me and that it's not about the kids at all.

And get THIS: I'd asked him ALL week about attending the "Touch a Truck" event with us. I never got a response to my texts and even asked him on the phone if he was coming and never got an answer. I bought our tickets without ever hearing from him so I figured he was skipping it. So what does he do? He texts me at 6PM AFTER the event and asked me why I didn't call him. WHAT??? SERIOUSLY??? If you had WANTED to go you would have answered me DAYS ago. Now I'm being guilt-tripped about not CALLING your ass about it?? Fuck you. Seriously. He CONSTANTLY tries to guilt-trip me, and being a Mom who actually CARES about her kids, it WORKS. Side note: I need to make an appointment to see my therapist, obviously. I went into therapy specifically to help me stay strong when the cheating, controlling, ex-hole and I were first separated. I need my "boost" every once in awhile to remind myself that *I* am not the one in the wrong here and that *I* am the parent who really cares about my kids and goes out of her way for them. *sigh*

Another issue I'm dealing with ex-hole about is back taxes. Before I met him I had ZERO debt and had NEVER filed my taxes late or owed any taxes. Well, after we had kids, ex-hole decides to claim FOUR exemptions after telling me he'd claim 2. I was claming zero. Long story short, now we owe back taxes from when we were married and AFTER we separated. We owe over $6000 from AFTER we were separated when he was claiming FOUR and I was claiming ZERO. So who do you think REALLY owes this $$? NOT ME, right? Even my attorney who looked over our separation agreement said I should get advice from a tax attorney b/c this is NOT FAIR. But that's just more $$ on top of $$ I've already spent. So I just  don't think I can do that, especially since if I try to make it more fair, he'll just use it against me by not answering my calls when I call the kids. He's done this before so I KNOW he'll do it. NOT fair, yet again. And he'll try to make life more difficult for me any way he can. At least all of the shit I'm dealing with FURTHER demonstrates that leaving him was the best thing to do. Well, that and the multiple cheating incidents and the emotional and slight physical abuse while he was drinking...oh and being a mean drunk, yeah, that too. *sigh*

Ok, enough venting for now. Hopefully my next post will be all sunshine & roses, right? ;)


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