Yes, Even if I was Only Scooping the Poop!!

Yesterday's weather was very mild yesterday in upstate South Carolina.  I have to admit, I left the kichen door open to the screened porch for a good while yesterday evening.  Loving fresh air, I am so thankful to have a home that was built back in the day when catching breezes was a design standard.  Built in a bygone era, the Manor was situated correctly, facing the south, with the "master's" bedroom on the eastern approach so that the sun would awaken him for his duties of the day.  The guest rooms, on the western side, allowed leisurely awakening and light in the afternoons to read or dress for dinner.

The call of the land was strong yesterday,   The afternoon breeze reminded me that I hadn't attended to the large fenced area of the yard where our four rescued greyhounds run and play.  So rake and scoop in hand with a large container in tow, I spent the better part of the hour diligently searching out and removing the dogs' leavings.   Not everyone's cup of tea but I don't mind as the view of the city is magnificent from this part of the lawn.  I wasn't in any big hurry to complete my task and took many pauses to look up and out.  To enjoy watchiing the grandchildren play in the yard of neighbors down the hill and the comings and goings of people in general. 

So yes,  even if I was only scooping the poop,  I enjoyed being outside and savoring the land we have been given to steward.

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