Yes... I am "that" parent....

This is an open letter to the parents I encountered in a packed indoor children’s playground this morning… Yes everyone…I am “that” parent and I am proud of it. I am that parent who will not “hover” less than one step away from my child at all times so when he plays he knows that “I am always there” to do things for him. I am that parent who; if my child takes your child’s toy, not only will I be on my child in less than a second, BUT I will return said toy to your child faster than my kid can say “sorry”. I am that parent who will give your child the benefit of the doubt in a conflict with my kid because I expect better from my child; however, I am also that parent who will defend my kid at all cost, and call your kid to task if they are in the wrong. I am that parent that means a time out is a time out, not a discussion or a mediation session. I am that parent who will only push my kid in a ride along car for one, maybe two times, and then let him teach himself the skill…Not spend the entire morning pushing him round…and round…and round the circle I am that parent who is practical enough to not dress my kid as a little hipster in designer duds… Seriously? Why would you spend that much money on baby clothes! Kids spit up, get messy, and have accidents all the time! I am that parent that if my kid ever screamed that I got him the wrong cookie, I would turn him around so fast out the door….which equals no more playtime. I am that parent who keeps eyes on my kid at all times. Yes…that is directed to the Mom sitting next to me who was either on her IPhone or MacBook while her kids ran a muck literally! (also when her baby ended up with a bloody nose from a conflict with another kid) I am that parent that when my kid gets hurt ( unless he is visibly bleeding) gets the response from me ” are you dying? Then you are fine”. Yes parents, I say NO to my kid ( I am not afraid of it, or him!) I raise my voice to my kid when he is in a situation where he can potentially harm himself, or others. AND If my kid ever tries to skip classes in school…I will be the mother who arranges to follow him to every, single, class…to sit behind him and keep him on task until he learns to never skip again…that is the type of parent I am. I respect that we all choose the ways in which we parent our children, you do what works best for you and what you know best…..just don’t shoot me looks across a packed playground that say ” Wow, she’s crazy” or ” I feel badly for her kid”. To each their own right? I hold my kid to a high standard because I expect him to rise up from every situation he encounters with grace, humility, compassion, and strength of character. But hey…helicopter parents in the playground…you go on and keep hovering!

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