Yes, I can't say no.

I think I have a problem.

I can’t say “no.”  Well, that’s not true.  I can say no, but I don’t do it a lot.

Ok, that’s not really true either.  I do say no, a lot – in my own house.  But outside of my house?  Not so much.

I don’t say no, I say yes.  I say yes to fighting breast cancer.  I say yes to the PTA.  I say yes to the church.  I say yes to Girl Scouts, over and over again.

If fact, I’m pretty sure I go out looking for things to say “yes” to.  You know, because I don’t have enough to take care of inside my four walls.  (Bwahahahahaha!!!!  Ahhhhh…facetiousness….)  Of course I have stuff to do!  My laundry pile, just in itself, is a mountainous task.  Litterally.  It’s a mountain of clothes, under which I will some day die, to be sure.

Really, saying yes to these things makes my house even worse.  There are piles of crafting crap here, and heaps of pink stuff over there.  I ignore that laundry until it’s absolutely unavoidable.


(My fundraising crafts runeth over.)


See, the issue is that I like doing these things.  I like to be involved and to help out.  I don’t want to give up any of these activities.   Hopefully my kids see how rewarding it is to give time.  Hopefully I’m doing a lot of good for a lot of others.  Hopefully it’s not to the detriment of my own house too much.  Hopefully my husband won’t die in the Laundry Cataclysm of ’11.

I guess I just think I’ll always have stuff to clean.  But, one day my body will tell me I to have to slow down and start saying no.  Or, more likely, I’ll just get run down and will want to flee to a beach to drink margarita’s and take in the joy of doing absofreakinglutely nothing. Either way, I know that somebody, somewhere, is going to need me to clean their underwear. I’m sure of that.

How about this – today I will compromise.  I will finish the church bazaar crafts AND clean some skivvies.  I will send girl scout emails AND do the bills.  There, take that limited time in the day!  I can say “yes” and still be a boss!

Pah. And. Dow.


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